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American Football Claims

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Anybody , Moderated
This is a community to claim anything having to do with American Football!! You can claim anything from players to the stadiums. Rules are Below:

1. You must be a memeber of this community to claim anything.
2. You are allowed 3 initial claims, and 2 extra if you advertise.
3. Be nice, this is a friendly community.
4. Once something or someone is claimed, it/they cannot be claimed again unless the person who claimed it is willing to share.
5. If you leave the community right after claiming, then you sacrifice all rights to those claims and they are open for others to claim them.

Adam Vinatieri{NE}-claimed by metallica11
Ben Roethlisberger{Pittsburgh}- claimed by tornapart666
Brett Favre{GB}- claimed by haleymichelle24
Carolina Panthers- claimed by ___loveofmylife
Denver Broncos- claimed by hendriix
Eli Manning{NYG}- claimed by prncesjocelyn
Green Bay Packers- claimed by haleymichelle24
Invesco Field{Denver}- claimed by goaliechick02
Jake Delhome {Carolina}- claimed by ___loveofmylife
Jake Plummer{Denver}- claimed by goaliechick02
Jeremy Shockey-claimded by iwanttobemyself
Julius Peppers {Carolina}- claimed by ___loveofmylife
Lambeau Field{GB}- claimed by haleymichelle24
Marvin Harrison- claimed by prncesjocelyn
Mike Vrabel-claimed by iwanttobemyself
Nate Jackson{Denver}- claimed by goaliechick02
New England Patriots-claimed by metallica11
New York Giants-claimed by iwanttobemyself

Peyton Manning{Indianapolis}-claimed by prncesjocelyn
Philadelphia Eagles- claimed by thefabul0uslife
Pittsburgh Steelers- claimed by tornapart666
Steve McNair{TEN}-claimed by whimpie
Tedy Bruschi{NE}-claimed by metallica11
Tennessee Titans-claimed by whimpie
Tiki Barber claimed by drdelicous
Tom Brady(NE)-claimed by metallica11
Troy Brown{NE}-claimed by metallica11